Tuesday, 7 December 2010

wHeN I faLL iN LoVe~~

Hello!! Ni hao ma?
This is the song that i had learn in my chinese class the day before..such a touching n sweet song..it make me fall in love with hanyu(chinese) language...i hope i can study it well and get the best marks in the class..as i talk about this hanyu language, i would like to share with all of u the things that i had got inside there..it is such a marvellous class..the laoshi(doctor) was very kind and teach us with full of enthusiasm..

we had learn many chinese words..there are 2 type of writing in the chinese which is 'ping yin' and its characterise(actually i don't know how to spell it..hehe..)..our laoshi always said "u have to know and recognise the characterise because in china the words are all in characterise..so it is very important for u to know it instead of the way how to pronounce it only.."

so we had memories all the words with it character and alhamdulillah eventhough it is a little bit hard, we still can do it well..praise to Allah for giving us a good memory and a good laoshi too..we hope one day we can preach to the chinese about the beautiful of Islam in hanyu language..don't forget to pray for our success okay!!!!! May Allah bless us...zhaijian(*_*)

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