Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Reminder For Us

 Assalamu'alaikum everyone,

How's your day today? Hope we in a blessing day..

Just sharing you some good word from a muslim doctor.(Dr.Hasliza)

Even not from Al-Quran or Hadis, but still worth to share.

"Most people said: ' I'm not able to spread dakwah because I'm not a good person.' But rather than saying that, you need to take charge of this words "أصلحْ نفسك وادعُ غيرك" which means improve yourself and spread dakwah to others. Please tell me, when is your specific time and day that you will really be a good person? I doubt that before you able to reach the day that you plan, you already in a house where two poles on it. (which means grave)

p/s : I got this from 'Sharing Hadis & Ayat Quran' page in Facebook..Thanks to the person who translate those words and not forgetting, the owner Dr.Hasliza..May Allah always be with us in this land of dakwah...In syaa Allah..

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